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Many people don't like subscribing to newsletters, my earlier survey confirmed that. Either they have been burned by spammers at some point (haven't we all?), or there are just too many ASP sites offering newsletters!

I understand. Some people simply can't subscribe - one user tried but every newsletter got bounced by his mail server "because it contained potentially harmful script". Of course, that's just daft because my newsletter is plain text, and contains what looks like script, not anything executable.

Hence, the newsletter archive. Now anyone can catch up on the useful tips and my infamous Hero of the Week section without subscribing.

Let's see how simple it was to implement.

Storing the newsletters

As you know if you've visited this site much, I just type my newsletter into notepad and then cut-n-paste it into my MailToList.asp form to send it to my loyal band.

So all I did was upload those text files to a subfolder on the server, called Newsletters believe it or not. You can even read them directly from there if you're so inclined, no big deal. Try it.

But that's not very pretty is it? What I wanted, and what I got, was to show a list of newsletters and the selected newsletter all nicely formatted with live hyperlinks to the URL's I had discussed.

Part 2: Getting the list of newsletters...

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