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The Contest

Welcome to's contest! Every month I will give away a prize any ASP developer would cherish - a brand new book, donated by Sams Publishing, and a full license to an ASP component!

See the current prizes on offer!

To take part, you just need to be a member. There's no catch - I ask for no personal details and send no email. Joining is easy and free, and your privacy is guaranteed.

It works like this. Every time you visit the site and sign in, you get 5 points. Every page you read, you get another point - up to a maximum of 500 points during the month-long contest!

You'll see your points increment in the membership box (on the top left of each page) as you move around the site.

The more points you accumulate in each contest, the better your chances of winning!

For example, if all of the CoverYourASP members combined have accumulated a total of 250,000 points and you have 250 points, your chances of winning are 1 in 1,000. After each drawing, everybody's points are reset to zero and the next contest starts.

• For official contest rules, click here.
• For a list of the prizes you can win in the current contest, click here.
• To see how the prizes are awarded, click here.