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You can quickly and easily be accepting credit cards on your web site. I estimate it took less than an hour of work, even though it was spread out over a week or so!

We're all bombarded by the emails from spammers, mostly offering merchant accounts so that you can accept credit cards. I decided to go to someone a little more reputable -

It's not hard to find web sites offering merchant accounts, but they are like ISP's - too many take advantage of joe shmoe's lack of experience and understanding and inevitably they get scr*wed.

A good friend of my wife has a web site and they were sold into a "world class" service from a very reputable company that costs them $60 a month for a minimum term of 4 years. You don't have to pay that - use who are the best and the cheapest!

No matter who you choose, you're going to have to think about security first...

While you're looking for a merchant account service to accept credit cards, don't forget about finding one of the best credit card offers for your small business. Whether it's a no interest or 0 APR introductory offer or a cash back credit card, with a little research you can find some outstanding credit cards to help you manage your small business' financial needs.

Part 2: Securing your customers data...

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