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Online database administration tools

I have two tools that you can use to administrate your database, and both are free and open-source!


1 Click DB for CoverYourASP 1 Click DB Free is an open source database tool that can be quickly customized to work with most Microsoft Access, SQL Server and Oracle databases. Having cool features not found in the original CYA database administration utility, 1 Click DB integration has been contributed in support of the open source CoverYourASP project.

See 1 Click DB Free in action...


CoverYourASP database admin James Shaw's original CoverYourASP database administration tool was partly written to learn more about databases - now you can too. Although not as full-featured as 1 Click DB Free, there are nevertheless some cool features (like how Foreign Keys are handled) and lots of commented code to learn from.


See the classic CoverYourASP database admin in action...

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