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What's a META tag?

Serious web sites spend a lot of money and effort getting premium placement in the search engines.

One of the most popular ways that search engines index your site is to look for META tags in the <head> of your page, as shown below:

   <meta name="Keywords" content="Important phrase or keyword, another one, some more">
   <meta name="Description" content="A full description of your site goes here.">

(For more hints about how to use these tags, try one of my favorite resources: Submit Corner)

Why hide them?

Now to the point of this article. These keywords are valuable. You spent a lot of time investigating what works best. Your competitors want to know what you use, so that they can steal them!

I recently saw yet another article about how to stop the right-click working in Internet Explorer (ignoring the fact that View/Source is still available on the menu), and that prompted me to show you a better way to hide your precious META tags, or anything else for that matter. See my Time/Date example and my Debug page for other ways to serve up dynamic content.

Part 2: OK, I wanna do it. How?...

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