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[For details on how to advertise on this site, you need to visit my current advertising page..]

Pay for clickthroughs, not impressions.

Got your attention? I do things differently from other sites.

You don't pay for the number of times people see (and probably ignore) your advertisement.

You don't pay for your ad to be shown for so many days or weeks (who would buy over Christmas?).

You pay for how many readers my site brings you. Period.

What you get, and what it costs.

Advertising on CoverYourASP is simple. There are 2 places your ads will run - in my newsletter and rotating through the top of EVERY page on the site.

To keep it simple, you buy clickthroughs in multiples of 500 - I run your adverts until they have generated the number of clickthroughs you've purchased.

• Each 500 clickthroughs costs you $375.
• That's equivalent to a $0.75 CPC.
• Assuming a 1% clickthrough rate, that's $7.50 CPM.

I don't want arguments over spiders, with their 100% clickthrough rate. So as a goodwill gesture, I'll only charge you for clickthroughs from the 3 best known browsers: IE, Netscape and Opera. You get all other clickthroughs for free!

Only one click per IP address per day is deducted from your account. A user can visit your site multiple times per day for the cost of one clickthrough, and malicious users can't waste your money! See how it's done...

Test different advertisements.

I want every advertiser to use CoverYourASP to test their ads. I'm not worried about the fact that some ads will generate hardly any clickthroughs, because it's not in your interest to leave them running. You want the clickthroughs!

To become the defacto site for testing your ads, I've implemented some more ideas that I doubt you'll find elsewhere...

• You can submit up to 5 new ads per 500 clickthrough slot.
• You can specify how many clicks to assign to each one.
• You can move your clicks between your ads. See how easy it is!

...and you can do all these things online, whenever you want.

If you remove all the clickthroughs from an ad, it disappears. If you change your mind next month, come back and add some clickthroughs - the ad reappears! All under your control.

You want more?!

Discounts. I'll sell up to 4 slots at once...

• 1 slot costs $375
• 2 slots @ $350 costs $700
• 3 slots @ $325 costs $975
• 4 slots @ $300 costs $1200

You also get:

• Access to web reports of impressions and clicks. See an example.
• Optional weekly or monthly email reports.
• To advertise in 2 of my weekly opt-in newsletters.

Lastly, don't worry that your clickthroughs will take years to use up. The number of slots I sell is based on the traffic my site gets. Assuming you get a 1% clickthrough rate your banner will appear for approximately 1 month.

What I need from you.

Obviously a 486x60 gif, less than 15k please, and the URL to link to. For the newsletter, I'll need text only - my newsletter isn't html yet. Try to keep it under 50 words please.

Send me an email at [email protected], or use my contact page to let me know what you're planning.

Hope to hear from you soon!

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