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See that extra content on the right of this page? Refresh the page and you'll see that different items are displayed in a different order each time. (Actually, the one or two top items may not change - they are reserved for advertisers)

This shows a good use (maybe the only one) of JavaScript's Math.random() function. Using this and a couple of arrays it's a snap to provide functionality like this.

Just as on most of my pages I don't have enough space to show all my links, so I can pass into the ShowBanners function the number to display.

(If you do want to see all the links on a page reserved for just for them, go here).

The banners are stored in my database (in the MyBanners table), and the contents copied into Application variables at the start of each day.

This method is perfect for banners - they change rarely, but are displayed often (on virtually every page), so the speed and scalability of Application variables has a huge effect. Read more about this process in this article.

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