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Now open source with SourceForge!

People have wanted a search facility for my site for some time, and I don't blame them! The problem I have is how to implement it. There are three ways I can imagine, and each has some advantages over the others!

I'd appreciate it if you would read the descriptions below, and then vote on the best solution.

Search through hand-picked words

This method would require me to go through each article page on the website, and assign words and phrases to them. For example, this page could have the words "survey,search,vote,form,radio" associated with it. It is these words that you would be searching through. I like this simple human approach because you're more likely (I think) to find a useful match.

Search through HTML output

I could store every word that is "visible" to you when reading the articles, and let you search through those. This is my second choice simply because I doubt anyone wants to search for 95% of those words. Who'd search for "the"?

Search through ASP code (incl. HTML)

My last choice is the "full-file" search, and the one that 4GuysFromRolla implemented. Every word in the file is stored and searched through. To me this is unnecessary, and in fact can be very misleading. When searching for "Banner" do you want to see everywhere I call the ShowBanners( ) function, or where I describe how I implemented banner advertising?

Bear in mind that the entire source code for this site can be downloaded - so you can do this last search yourself!

Which search method would you prefer to use?
Search through hand-picked words
Search through HTML output
Search through ASP code (incl. HTML)

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