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"Snippets" are mini-articles - they allow me to very quickly add answers to your frequently asked questions, and add brief explanations for topics that you've searched for without success. So, everytime you send an email or perform a search, chances are a new snippet will be the result!

18 Sep: How to modify this site to use a MySQL database

Although I've had offers to help write support MySQL before, Stuart just did it and sent me some instructions...perhaps not complete, but you "open-source" guys like hacking:


"OK. Here's a brief synopsis & code snippets of what I did - (WIN32 version for simplicity - W2K,W2KPro,ME,98,95(?), but Linux version works, just takes a bit longer + two boxes required)

1) Software Required -

a) MySQL - latest version from
b) MySQLODBC (reqd for Access to MySQL) -
c) MyOLEDB - (should be MySQLProv.2.5)
d) WinMySQLAdmin -
e) Access To MySQL -

2) Process -

a) Install all above & test connectivity from Access (2000 or 97) via AccesstoMysql (fairly straightforward to do) via tools, addins, MyAccess (needs DSN pointing to MySQL core database - similar(?!) to master in MSSQL)

b) Create new database in MySQL e.g. CYADB via WinMySQLAdmin easiest

c) Upsize the DB.mdb from your site code to MySQL-CYADB Database (including the data) - note - only Primary Keys are given an index - need to manually add any other indexes required.

d) Create a Data Source (easiest way) called "CYA" see below

3) Site Code Changes -

a) Config.ASP - could add new var eg sMySQL (set to "MySQLProv.2.5"). Didn't mess too much with your code & variables - just cheated & set string complete - leave you to mess with!

Whole connection string needs to add up to -

var sConnectionString = 'Provider=MySQLProv.2.5; Data Source=CYA; UID=XXXX; PWD=YYYYY';

or can use Server= , Database= depends how you want to show it.

b) Got some other errors in some functions in different scripts (can't remember exactly which ones) - strangely just cosmetic like a carriage return in a function - that sort of thing.

4) Obviously security needs to come into the frame here (like MS SQL) - UID & PWD need to be a user that only has enough rights in MySQL in this database - quite straightforward to do etc etc.

As I said before - hadn't tested all the functionality, but fundamentally this works.

Would suggest if you consider extending this support into your code base that you/we script the database creation etc & simplify the process as much as poss - i.e. reduce support.

As a supporter of MySQL vs MS SQL (I use both) would be nice to see some dedicated areas on many web sites to MySQL and ASP as its a great product & not too complex. Gives the additional upsizing dimension at far lower costs & not quite as mind-blowing to the Access Database people out there as MSSQL.

From what I have seen there is very little out there except the odd article or two.

Have fun - need anything else give us a shout."


WOW! Thanks Stuart.

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