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"Snippets" are mini-articles - they allow me to very quickly add answers to your frequently asked questions, and add brief explanations for topics that you've searched for without success. So, everytime you send an email or perform a search, chances are a new snippet will be the result!

9 Oct: Q&A;: How do I rename a local file using ASP?

Paul: You should do something that shows people how to rename files...

I'm actually looking for a script that shows me how to rename local files... Which seems like an impossible task to say the least! :)


Unfortunately, it is impossible to rename a file using the FileSystemObject!

To have the same effect you are forced to use the CopyFile method to create the new filename, then DeleteFile to delete the old one.

The same is true with FTP too - there is no way to rename over FTP (although some FTP programs may make it look possible).

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