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"Snippets" are mini-articles - they allow me to very quickly add answers to your frequently asked questions, and add brief explanations for topics that you've searched for without success. So, everytime you send an email or perform a search, chances are a new snippet will be the result!

26 Oct: Advertisement: The iisCART component

iisCART2000 is a next generation ASP component based Ecommerce solution.

With over 150 methods and properties, iisCART2000 puts significant new features in the hands of ASP web masters and developers. Building on 2 years of development, iisCART2000 incorporates clients suggestions as well as many ground breaking developer contributions.

• Stateless component provides significant improvements to scalability
• More than 3 times the methods and properties provide unparalleled functionality
• Higher performance ATL framework results in faster, more efficient code
• In place property editing with 4 different display options
• Item level quantity and property adjustments with a variety of update button placements and quick access quantity adjustments (add 1, remove 1, remove all) with custom images
• Per property price adjustments (XL size is $2 more, Blue $1 less etc.)
• Intelligent item grouping even when switching between different properties.
• Like items will increase quantities rather than duplicating items.
• Item level adjustments (discount/surcharge by fixed amount or percentage) based on quantity or price ranges
• Cart level adjustments (discount/surcharge by fixed amount or percentage) based on quantity or price ranges
• Multiple tax options including per item tax over-rides or tax exempt items
• Option to tax shipping at a custom rate and have items be charged no shipping
• Ability to add multiple items at one time with one form
• More properties, custom fields, plus shipping and billing level custom fields
• Credit card expiration and number validation
• Enhanced field validation with default overrides and user defined error messages
• Cart generated text easily set for language conversions or user preferences
• Browser based file uploading (add items plus their images using a web browser without the need for FTP or FrontPage)
• Encryption and decryption support - save data securely, send orders securely via email
• SSL order processing allows for use of shared SLL certificates, breaking the order process over multiple servers and more.
• Client application allows for decryption of encrypted binaries sent via email
• SMTP email sends including attachment, cc, bcc and HTML support
• Improved backend flexibility via ADO with support for DSN's, OLEDB, DSNless connections, and more into Access, Oracle and SQL server.
• Customer tracking and persistence (can load customer details back with UID / PWD)
• Persist cart contents as long as you wish - push to cookie, database, session variable, etc. You have total flexibility - Session variables / cookies can be used but are NOT required
• Many new database methods to handle saving and loading cart and customer data
• Complete access to cart data through ASP script using iisCART2000's collections an objects
• Plus many more powerful features.

Download a free trial ( to see for yourself how iisCART2000T is truly a generation ahead!


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