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"Snippets" are mini-articles - they allow me to very quickly add answers to your frequently asked questions, and add brief explanations for topics that you've searched for without success. So, everytime you send an email or perform a search, chances are a new snippet will be the result!

11 Dec: How do I convert my HTML pages into ASP?


Hi, I noticed you said that you can convert normal HTML pages written in FrontPage... which is exactly the same program I use... convert them into ASP pages.

Could you tell me exactly how you do this?


I don't remember saying that, but simplistically, just renaming them to .asp makes them an asp file.

What I mean by that is that the file will be processed by IIS as an asp file, it just won't find any script in there to execute.

To add some script, add a line at the top specifying the language:

<% @language=javascript %>

Anything inside <% %> is interpreted as asp, so as an experiment you could add this next line in the middle of your body:

   This is just some html text, this page is called

That's a simple start. Now look at some simple examples like my Date.asp to see how to progress...Have fun!

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