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April 2001
• Now pushing 300,000 page a month.
• Best day: 9th with 3,000 visitors, and over 17,000 page views after being featured in the Lockergnome newsletter.

March 2001
• Best day: 22nd with 2,200 visitors, and just under 12,000 page views.

February 2001
• Best day: 13th with 2,200 visitors, and over 12,000 page views.

January 2001
• The start of the ASP Guild "2001 Top English Language Help Site Award" - straight into the lead!
• Best day: 17th with 2,200 visitors, and over 11,000 page views.

December 2000
• The site continues to grow - 121,000 page views per month now.
• Started running advertising, and got my first contract on the first day!
• Best day: 19th with 1,300 visitors and 5,700 page views.

November 2000
• Two things happened on the 29th. Got listed on's "Top ASP sites" - they get over 22,000 visitors a day, so might make a difference! Also uploaded a corrupt database by mistake and had to scrabble to recover. Talk about an emotional day...
• Best day: 1st with 1,200 visitors and over 5,000 page views.

October 2000
• Started submitting to search engines - will it make a difference?
• Best day: 24th with over 2,800 visitors and 7,000 page views - purely a one-off due to being featured in the ASP newsletter!

September 2000
• All content moved from to<Phew!>
• Best day: 26th with over 900 visitors and 3,000 page views.

August 2000
• Published on, SiteExperts, ASPdex, ActionJackson, FindTutorials and ASP Toolbox, as well as becoming an ASPWire affiliate!
• Best day: 22nd (Tara's birthday!) with over 900 visitors and 3,500 page views.

July 2000
• Published code on Immediately I went from 20 visitors / 100 page views a day to 200 visitors / 1,000 page views!
• Added more ASP examples, and published my source code too.
• Best day: 26th with 210 visitors and 1,300 page views.

June 2000
• Finally got around to spend some time on my own site! Sleek new design - hand-coded, no more embarassing FrontPage-created pages! Created a new ASP section to practice my web skills.

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