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How I cope with the huge volume of emails!

It pains me to say it, but by mid-February 2001 the volume of email I receive had forced me to limit the number I reply to. I love to receive all your feedback, but please take a moment to reflect on your question and read the notes below. Remember that this is still just a hobby - not my full-time job!

Here's how I hope it will work, with your cooperation:

Continue to send feedback!
Please continue to send all of your highly valued comments, corrections, feedback and suggestions! Without it the site would not have improved or grown as much as it has!
The answer may be here!
If your question is about installing, configuring or troubleshooting the code that you downloaded from this site, please make sure you've checked out the Installing PWS, Installing my code and Troubleshooting articles first.

Try searching the site! I will help you if you have problems with my downloaded code.

Share the load with ASP experts!
If your question is concerning a general ASP problem or advice, please visit and ask on there. There is a list for every question imaginable, and many highly experienced developers that have subscribed to help you out. It may be me that answers!
Don't ask me to write code for free!
I have been so flooded with emails that contain phrases like "I demand you write xxx - send code now" that even declining politely takes too much time. Please be considerate. (I suspect that these emails appear ruder than was intended - and that it is just down to bad use of English as a second language).

Having said that, I certainly don't mind tweaking my existing code to improve it for everyone!

I know. I want emails from you. I want to help. There just aren't enough hours in the day! Go ahead and send it in anyway - at least I promise to read them all.


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