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A Scripter's View of Dreamweaver
  Hits Today: 10  Total: 10760
Updated: 11/1/2000
This candid review covers both the pros and cons of Dreamweaver UltraDev 1.0. Dreamweaver UltraDev enables users to preview Web applications populated with live, editable data within the authoring environment.   Code: ASP 2.0

ExcelWriter Case Study Site: Soft Artisans
  Hits Today: 3  Total: 8156
Updated: 11/2/2001
Portum increases B2B Web application adoption rate among non-technical managers with ExcelWriter. ExcelWriter allows Portum to present data in Excel, which is familiar and easily manipulated by non-technical users of the Portum System.   Author: SoftArtisans / Portum   Code: ASP 3.0

Yakima Web Reports Site: SoftArtisans
  Hits Today: 3  Total: 8249
Updated: 3/11/2002
Yakima Web team cuts development time by 75 percent using ExcelWriter. "ExcelWriter saved a lot of time because it allowed us to create a report quickly that was easily manageable by the end user." --Brett McKinney, Web Programmer Yakima   Author: Rebecca Interrante   Code: ASP 3.0

Capital IQ's Excel Web Reports Site: SoftArtisans
  Hits Today: 6  Total: 8650
Updated: 3/12/2002
Capital IQ provides Web reports in full-function, native Excel. "SoftArtisans ExcelWriter allowed us to avoid substantial per-user costs and development costs associated with Crystal Decisions." --William Murphy, Chief Technology Officer, Capital IQ   Author: Jeff Gutridge   Code: ASP 3.0

Fortune 1000 Corp Web Server Survey Site: Port80 Software
  Hits Today: 2  Total: 4910
Updated: 8/1/2003
There are many studies out there, but few examine how leading companies leverage Web site and server technologies to accomplish business goals. Check out monthly surveys on Compression, Web server-type, and test your own site's technology in real-time.   Author: Port80 Software   Code: ASP 3.0 & VBScript


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