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What is CoverYourASP all about?

CoverYourASP is a website written entirely in Active Server Pages (ASP), using JavaScript (also known as JScript, ECMAScript or ECMA-262!).

What makes CoverYourASP unique (as far as I know)?

You can download the whole site, ASP source code, database and all!

All the code was written by me, James Shaw, so it's consistent. You won't be learning from "snippets" that have been submitted by 500 different authors. Remember, you get everything, and can install and run it on your home PC.

Here are some of the highlights of the site:

Run ASP on your home PC

Follow step-by-step instruction to run ASP at home

One of my most popular articles walks you through the process of installing the free Personal Web Server (PWS) from Microsoft. As its name clearly states, this product turns your lowly Windows 95/98 PC into a server capable of developing ASP sites like mine. Seriously!

Download and install the entire site!

Download it, Run it, Learn it!

Download the whole site? Yeah, right. It's true. You can download it all. Why would I do this? I thought it would be a new angle on the typical "ASP tutorial site" if I instead concentrated on writing a whole integrated site, not articles. As a result you can see how a complete site works, not just read another "<form> to send email" article.

Administrate your database online

Administrate your database online

I now have (and you can too) a generic set of pages that will add/edit and delete data from any table! My most useful code yet. Recently improved with dropdown lists automatically generated from your relationships!

The CoverYourASP Membership system explained

The CoverYourASP Membership system explained

Read how I implemented the new membership system: sign in/out, auto signin with cookies, multiple levels, and site personalization.

Getting feedback emails from a form

Getting feedback emails from a <form>

The obligatory tutorial about sending email from an ASP site - explains the code line-by-line with pages devoted to CDONTS, JMail, ASPMail and now ASPEmail too. Also includes a link to a great <form> tutorial.

Using Application variables, and introducing global.asa

Using Application variables, and introducing global.asa

Application variables are a very cool way to save thousands of unnecessary database queries. This tutorial includes a fun little 'active user' counter too. If you like this one, you should also read the Session variable tutorial.

...and there's plenty more where that came from!
With over 70 in-depth articles discussing all aspects of the code there will be something interesting for you to read. Why not start by entering a search expression below?...