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See how this was done


Download the whole site? Yeah, right.

It's true. You can download all the source code that I wrote for CoverYourASP. Everytime I update the site, you can get the code!

Why would I do this? Because I found that there are thousands of articles out there written by hundreds of very talented and experienced ASP developers. The articles vary from ridiculous to mind-blowing, but they all focus on a single subject.

I thought it would be a new angle on the typical "ASP tutorial site" if I instead concentrated on writing a whole integrated site, not articles.

As a result you can see how a site works, not just a "<form> to send email" or whatever.

To prove it, here are some done earlier..

Many developers have downloaded the site. Some just for offline reading, others for using the code. I've started assembling a portfolio of the best examples of web sites built with the code you are about to download - they are quite impressive! Take a look.

If you have one that you feel qualifies let me know!

Enough talk, gimme the code!

First, this page documents the quick route to get my code. If you aren't very experienced, or don't have ASP running on your machine already, go through my step-by-step tutorial instead.

There are three downloads - the site source code, images used in articles (e.g. screenshots) and banner images.

Downloading the file means that you agree with the usual legal stuff, especially that you won't re-publish this code.

Download the code    Download the screenshots    Download the banners

Save the zip file to your hard disk somewhere. If you haven't got a program to open zip files, get WinZip. Then extract the files contained in the zip file into a folder of your choice. Using the folder names in the archive makes it easier.

Next, configure the site.