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RSS submissions

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Do you write or link to ASP articles?

This article is aimed at publishers of ASP content and ASP directory sites that link to them. Currently I publish to the following resources:

As you can see, there are quite a few excellent directories out there for people to research ASP - please check them out. I really appreciate them all publishing my articles.

So what's the problem?

Recently I published a new article to these sites, and it took me 90 minutes! This isn't anyone's fault, but a good example of what happens when there are no standards to follow - each site has created their own form to submit articles.

Some forms are similar enough that IE5's "input history" helps by remembering what you previously typed into a form input. But it doesn't help much.

Solving this problem doesn't just help me though - the sites above (and if there is anyone else that wants to be included, let me know) would all benefit if they provided a standard automated interface for article submission. They'd get more submissions, more content, more visitors!

What's the solution?

Initially the proposal was to define a standard set of form input names (see them here), and publish code to submit to a compliant form. It was called the Form Submission Standard, or FSS.

Charles Carroll kindly created a list to discuss FSS on, and it was been invaluable in discussing and developing FSS. Join the list.

In fact it developed very quickly over a very short period of time - almost immediately it became obvious that XML was a better medium to use, so the final solution was to use an existing (and easily extensible) format called RSS.

Soon, a new website was born...

• View my articles as they appear in my RSS file.
• Learn how to create your own RSS file.
• Accept RSS submissions on your site with very little work!

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