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The category you chose, Authors, doesn't have any sub-categories, so this page should now display the actual contents of that category.

I haven't got any real content of course, but I've simulated some below so I can give you some code for retrieving and displaying the results nicely.

There are basically two types of content in my scheme. People who've paid me lots of money, and those cheap-skates who haven't. The former are shown at the top of the listing, and have an enhanced display, while the latter are shown in what I've called the pigpen style - all crammed in together.


James Shaw   Email us Email   523 Dreamers Avenue, San Jose, CA Map
     A cool guy with a beautiful wife and great kids (hehe)

Joe Schmoe   Email us Email   BigWig Close, Rich Town Map
     Mr J Schmoe, Esq is a Very Important Person.

The Hawthorn-Smythes   Email us Email   Terribly Nice Drive, Snobsville Map
     Much better than the Joneses.

Mr C Heapo   67862 Industrial Dump, Nastyville
Loser Steve   DoubleWide Lane, Hole-in-the-Ground
Biker Gary   Sweaty Lakes, Arizona

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