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 The Diary - bug fixes, thoughts, hints and tips...    (how is this done?)
 What's popular? Read what your peers think is most interesting!
REALLY validate your email addresses!
I get a lot of feedback from 'sdsd' at email address 'asdsd'. I wanted to stop him, so I went looking for a suitable solution…
From Email-related examples, published 18 Sep, 20113150 views

The classic Tell-a-friend email example.
The C language has the 'Hello World' program - ASP has the ubiquitous 'Tell-a-friend' script. They're everywhere, but here's the way I did mine...
From Email-related examples, updated 17 Apr, 6459061 views

Running ASP on your PC - installing Personal Web Server
The first stage to complete before running the CoverYourASP download on your PC - making ASP pages run at all...
From Getting started with ASP, updated 18 Jan, 1198899 views

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 Articles by category
Getting started with ASP
• Getting started - what is ASP?!
• Using <% %> correctly in ASP
• Feedback about 'Using <% %> correctly in ASP'
• The CoverYourASP Server Side Includes will save your ASP!
• FileSystemObject serves you my source code.
• Using Application variables, and introducing global.asa
• Administering the Application variables
• Maintaining state with Session variables
• Download the complete CoverYourASP site and run on your server.
• Running ASP on your PC - installing Personal Web Server
• Installing the CoverYourASP download on your PC
• Troubleshooting the CoverYourASP download on your PC
Dynamic content using ASP
• A simple example of dynamic content - the time.
• Hide your META tags from your enemies!
• Hiding debug information on your web pages
• Rotating random content
• Using HTTP and FTP in MFC to get the news.
• Do my visitors wait until the pages are loaded?
• Limiting clickthroughs to one per IP address per day
• Trapping HTTP 500.100 ASP errors in your pages
• Generic function to walk through your sub-folders and files
• Displaying HTML files from your ASP page
• Read archived copies of my weekly newsletter
• Caching and displaying contents of folders
• Displaying printer-friendly pages
• Displaying your records in columns
Email-related examples
• Getting feedback emails from a <form>
• Send me your comments and criticisms!
• Handling 404 errors with email - and a twist…
• The classic Tell-a-friend email example.
• REALLY validate your email addresses!
• Part 1. Allow your users to subscribe to your newsletter
• Part 2. My should-be-hidden page to mail my newsletter!
• Fighting email abuse
Database-driven examples
• Moving the articles into my database, and administering them
• Using exception handling to trap database connection errors
• Administer your database using these generic pages..
• Part 1. Implement content categories just like Yahoo!
• Part 2. Arrange your categories in columns
• Part 3. Showing the results of your category browsing
• A page counter, and statistics gatherer!
• Some sample statistics from my page counter
• The CoverYourASP Membership system explained
• Automatically reminding and deleting unconfirmed members
• Adding a database driven diary to the site
• A complete banner advertising system
• Adding search capability to CoverYourASP
• Displaying foreign keys in your database as list boxes
Help me help you - take a survey!
• Survey: Who are you and what do you think?
• Please help me design my new search facility - take the survey!
COM components
• Part 1. A quick COM/ATL component for ASP
• Part 2. What's wrong with the AppWizards code!
Server-side JavaScript utilities
• Formatting data with JavaScript
• Object Oriented Programming with JavaScript classes
• Using expando properties to implement named recordsets
HTML tips and tricks
• Why are there HTML articles on an ASP site?
• The <a> tag - and its forgotten attributes
• Design web pages for any width screen!
• Using <base href> to control your relative links
• Implementing <form>'s with ASP
• How to move your site to a new domain
• IFRAME's...and IE 5.5
Sharing my articles with XML
• An introduction to the RSS XML file on my site
• Submitting data to a form with IP*Works! WebForm
The CoverYourASP site
• What's CoverYourASP all about?
• A little about me - James Shaw
• Run of site advertising - pay by clickthroughs, not impressions
• Support your favorite amateur ASP site (yes, I mean me)
• The CoverYourASP Privacy Policy
• Legal stuff you should know
• through the ages
• Resources that I recommend�
• I appreciate any links to CoverYourASP�
• Web sites based on CoverYourASP's code
• Accepting credit cards on your site - it's too easy!
• Member Services
 The most up to date ASP news from all over the web...
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• An Extensive Examination of the DataGrid Web Control: Part 5
• Protecting Portions of your Web Site
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