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This page was inspired by a question by Ken Hough who asked how to display the articles in columns rather than one long list. Thinking that I'd got some code tucked up my sleeve, I wrote this page, and then added the form so you can play with it!

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1: REALLY validate your email addresses! (20113221)27: A simple example of dynamic content - the time. (105052)53: Web sites based on CoverYourASP's code (56597)
2: The classic Tell-a-friend email example. (6470562)28: Part 1. Allow your users to subscribe to your newsletter (104261)54: The CoverYourASP Privacy Policy (51523)
3: Running ASP on your PC - installing Personal Web Server (1198993)29: Survey: Who are you and what do you think? (99446)55: Displaying HTML files from your ASP page (51455)
4: Installing the CoverYourASP download on your PC (985680)30: Part 2. Arrange your categories in columns (98962)56: Fighting email abuse (50773)
5: Administer your database using these generic pages.. (661978)31: Adding search capability to CoverYourASP (91702)57: Displaying your records in columns (49635)
6: Maintaining state with Session variables (540337)32: Adding a database driven diary to the site (87135)58: Formatting data with JavaScript (49490)
7: Read archived copies of my weekly newsletter (522432)33: Handling 404 errors with email - and a twist… (85529)59: Submitting data to a form with IP*Works! WebForm (47924)
8: The CoverYourASP Membership system explained (505451)34: Using HTTP and FTP in MFC to get the news. (83889)60: A little about me - James Shaw (47915)
9: Part 3. Showing the results of your category browsing (430971)35: A page counter, and statistics gatherer! (82647)61: Do my visitors wait until the pages are loaded? (45546)
10: Getting feedback emails from a <form> (350848)36: Limiting clickthroughs to one per IP address per day (82522)62: Part 2. My should-be-hidden page to mail my newsletter! (44617)
11: Send me your comments and criticisms! (302907)37: Resources that I recommend� (79933)63: Moving the articles into my database, and administering them (41362)
12: Using Application variables, and introducing global.asa (284112)38: Automatically reminding and deleting unconfirmed members (78873)64: How to move your site to a new domain (37642)
13: Part 1. Implement content categories just like Yahoo! (276336)39: Run of site advertising - pay by clickthroughs, not impressions (77150)65: Using expando properties to implement named recordsets (34896)
14: Implementing <form>'s with ASP (271883)40: Legal stuff you should know (77019)66: The <a> tag - and its forgotten attributes (30362)
15: Troubleshooting the CoverYourASP download on your PC (232867)41: Object Oriented Programming with JavaScript classes (72606)67: Administering the Application variables (24567)
16: Accepting credit cards on your site - it's too easy! (161973)42: Hiding debug information on your web pages (70671)68: Some sample statistics from my page counter (20481)
17: Using exception handling to trap database connection errors (155263)43: FileSystemObject serves you my source code. (68747)69: Please help me design my new search facility - take the survey! (19609)
18: Download the complete CoverYourASP site and run on your server. (149211)44: Generic function to walk through your sub-folders and files (67326)70: Feedback about 'Using <% %> correctly in ASP' (17779)
19: Displaying printer-friendly pages (130199)45: IFRAME's...and IE 5.5 (66353)71: An introduction to the RSS XML file on my site (15642)
20: Using <% %> correctly in ASP (128290)46: Caching and displaying contents of folders (66074)72: Support your favorite amateur ASP site (yes, I mean me) (14982)
21: Using <base href> to control your relative links (125417)47: I appreciate any links to CoverYourASP� (64972)73: Member Services (13310)
22: A complete banner advertising system (125118)48: Part 1. A quick COM/ATL component for ASP (64484)74: through the ages (11403)
23: Trapping HTTP 500.100 ASP errors in your pages (119023)49: Displaying foreign keys in your database as list boxes (63751)75: Why are there HTML articles on an ASP site? (10939)
24: The CoverYourASP Server Side Includes will save your ASP! (111586)50: Rotating random content (60015)76: Part 2. What's wrong with the AppWizards code! (760)
25: Hide your META tags from your enemies! (111556)51: Design web pages for any width screen! (57899) 
26: Getting started - what is ASP?! (107071)52: What's CoverYourASP all about? (57794) 

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