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REALLY validate your email addresses!
I get a lot of feedback from 'sdsd' at email address 'asdsd'. I wanted to stop him, so I went looking for a suitable solution…
From Email-related examples, published 18 Sep, 20113150 views

The classic Tell-a-friend email example.
The C language has the 'Hello World' program - ASP has the ubiquitous 'Tell-a-friend' script. They're everywhere, but here's the way I did mine...
From Email-related examples, updated 17 Apr, 6459015 views

Running ASP on your PC - installing Personal Web Server
The first stage to complete before running the CoverYourASP download on your PC - making ASP pages run at all...
From Getting started with ASP, updated 18 Jan, 1198899 views

Installing the CoverYourASP download on your PC
After setting up your web server, how to download, install and configure my source code on your PC...
From Getting started with ASP, published 10 Jan, 985573 views

Administer your database using these generic pages..
Use my now-classic CoverYourASP db admin tools, or the latest addition: 1 Click DB Free! Now you can compare two completely different implementations and learn twice as much!
From Database-driven examples, updated 29 Jun, 661903 views

Maintaining state with Session variables
Read how Session variables can store user information for you - how they work, and when they don't...
From Getting started with ASP, published 18 Apr, 540283 views

Read archived copies of my weekly newsletter
All my newsletters since the site went live in September 2000 are here. The earlier ones are particularly sad... ;-)
From Dynamic content using ASP, published 16 Mar, 521933 views

The CoverYourASP Membership system explained
How I implemented the new membership system, sign in/out, auto signin with cookies, multiple levels, and site personalization
From Database-driven examples, updated 10 Jan, 505190 views

Part 3. Showing the results of your category browsing
A few ideas I had about displaying the well-worn 'results page' a la…
From Database-driven examples, published 19 Aug, 430712 views

Getting feedback emails from a <form>
Walk step-by-step through the feedback form and email code, with pages devoted to CDONTS, JMail, ASPMail and now ASPEmail too...
From Email-related examples, updated 24 Mar, 350808 views

Send me your comments and criticisms!
This form allows you to send feedback email to me.
From Email-related examples, updated 18 Sep, 302859 views

Using Application variables, and introducing global.asa
How to save thousands of unnecessary database queries using Application variables, and a fun little 'active user' counter
From Getting started with ASP, published 2 Nov, 284054 views

Part 1. Implement content categories just like Yahoo!
Play with the live example I wrote for getting categories and subcategories from an Access database, and the method I chose for displaying them.
From Database-driven examples, updated 15 Aug, 275895 views

Implementing <form>'s with ASP
Here I show you the ASP code common to all forms I write, with discussions on validation and field persistance.
From HTML tips and tricks, published 9 Feb, 271813 views

Troubleshooting the CoverYourASP download on your PC
Strange errors when you go to http://localhost/cya ? It's probably something I've heard about before...a few hundred times!
From Getting started with ASP, published 10 Jan, 232783 views

Accepting credit cards on your site - it's too easy!
The hardest part is filling out the forms, but once you've done that the "programming" part is child's play.
From The CoverYourASP site, published 23 Feb, 161925 views

Using exception handling to trap database connection errors
To make setting up my downloaded site on your computer easier I use exception handling to trap any errors that occur when connecting to the database...
From Database-driven examples, published 25 Jan, 155221 views

Download the complete CoverYourASP site and run on your server.
It's true! You can download every file on the site and run it on your personal computer - if you can't run ASP yet, start here...
From Getting started with ASP, updated 29 Nov, 149170 views

Displaying printer-friendly pages
A few lines of code is all it takes to implement a printer-friendly version of all your pages. Make all those pesky navigation bars and banners disappear!
From Dynamic content using ASP, published 28 Jun, 130177 views

Using <% %> correctly in ASP
This article explains why you shouldn't be sprinking <% %> render blocks throughout your HTML code. It's inefficient for the server and for your users!
From Getting started with ASP, published 26 Sep, 128247 views

Using <base href> to control your relative links
See how I use <base href>, and how you should configure it after you download the site.
From HTML tips and tricks, published 29 Nov, 125387 views

A complete banner advertising system
Serving up rotating banners for my advertisers, storing the ads in Application variables and tracking impressions and clickthroughs...
From Database-driven examples, published 24 Dec, 125056 views

Trapping HTTP 500.100 ASP errors in your pages
Learn how to replace the infamous "Page cannot be displayed" with profuse apologies and an email moaning to the webmaster...
From Dynamic content using ASP, published 5 Jan, 119001 views

The CoverYourASP Server Side Includes will save your ASP!
Server Side Includes, or SSI for short, are a very powerful tool. See how I use them, with links to articles that describe them...
From Getting started with ASP, updated 8 Apr, 111556 views

Hide your META tags from your enemies!
Those META keywords are valuable. You spent a lot of time investigating what works best. Your competitors want to know what you use, so that they can steal them!
From Dynamic content using ASP, updated 25 Sep, 111524 views

Getting started - what is ASP?!
No, it's not Application Service Provider, and No, it's not a language - use the term 'ASP developer' very loosely!
From Getting started with ASP, updated 11 Sep, 107041 views

A simple example of dynamic content - the time.
A very simple lesson in what ASP can do for you - generate different HTML for every reader!
From Dynamic content using ASP, published 21 Jul, 105019 views

Part 1. Allow your users to subscribe to your newsletter
See how I implemented a form to allow users to subscribe/unsubscribe to my mailing list. Email addresses are simply validated and added to my database
From Email-related examples, published 14 Aug, 104218 views

Survey: Who are you and what do you think?
Some basic information to start with - who you are, what you do, what you want. I'm already regretting having an 'It sucks' option =;-)
From Help me help you - take a survey!, published 9 Oct, 99419 views

Part 2. Arrange your categories in columns
Due to popular demand here's a Part 2 of the categories code! Here I show how to arrange the data in any number of columns to exactly duplicate the way the portals do it.
From Database-driven examples, published 7 Aug, 98928 views

Adding search capability to CoverYourASP
See how a single Server Side Include containing a single function is all you need..
From Database-driven examples, published 2 Feb, 91662 views

Adding a database driven diary to the site
A better way to share the questions that I get emailed each day. Chit-chat, gossip, bug fixes, tips and tricks!
From Database-driven examples, published 23 Nov, 87111 views

Handling 404 errors with email - and a twist…
Take what you need from this article - send email when a 404 occurs, or perhaps write the next
From Email-related examples, published 21 Jul, 85508 views

Using HTTP and FTP in MFC to get the news.
How I wrote a simple MFC application to automatically update the ASPWire news section.
From Dynamic content using ASP, published 4 Aug, 83848 views

A page counter, and statistics gatherer!
See how little code it took to store page views, referrers, browsers, screen widths and even IP addresses about my readers
From Database-driven examples, updated 28 Oct, 82610 views

Limiting clickthroughs to one per IP address per day
One of the requirements from the banner ad system was to protect the clients from spiders and malicious users...and HTTP HEAD requests...and...
From Dynamic content using ASP, updated 14 Jan, 82470 views

Resources that I recommend�
Books, affilate websites and websites offering services to web developers - I use them all!
From The CoverYourASP site, published 11 Sep, 79889 views

Automatically reminding and deleting unconfirmed members
Another example of using the BrandNewDay( ) function - this time to search the database for unconfirmed members, and email them or delete them...
From Database-driven examples, published 15 Jan, 78831 views

Run of site advertising - pay by clickthroughs, not impressions
Read about the amazing offer, and how I make CPC advertising work for you.
From The CoverYourASP site, published 1 Oct, 77109 views

Legal stuff you should know
What you are allowed to do with the downloaded version of this web site, and how anything that goes wrong is all your fault. ;-)
From The CoverYourASP site, updated 19 Jan, 76991 views

Object Oriented Programming with JavaScript classes
JavaScript classes are cool - learn what they can do to tidy up your code...
From Server-side JavaScript utilities, published 9 Dec, 72580 views

Hiding debug information on your web pages
See how simple it is to hide helpful data on your web page to help you when debugging.
From Dynamic content using ASP, published 23 Aug, 70639 views

FileSystemObject serves you my source code.
The FileSystemObject object is a very powerful object that allows you to read or write to your servers hard disc…now download the whole site!
From Getting started with ASP, updated 29 Sep, 68731 views

Generic function to walk through your sub-folders and files
Developed to index my pages for a search function, this article describes a function you can use for whatever you want! Also discusses recursion and passing functions as parameters.
From Dynamic content using ASP, published 19 Jan, 67302 views

IFRAME's...and IE 5.5
Sometimes IFRAME's can solve a big problem, but their interaction with IE 5.5 is something you need to know about - it's totally bizarre!
From HTML tips and tricks, published 21 Jun, 66317 views

Caching and displaying contents of folders
This article shows how I cached data from the FileSystemObject into Application variables, sorted it and then used it to create a nice little file contents browser to display my newsletter archives.
From Dynamic content using ASP, published 29 Mar, 66057 views

I appreciate any links to CoverYourASP�
Apart from the affiliate sites that publish links to my articles there are a growing number of smaller sites that list me as an ASP reference. Thanks Guys!
From The CoverYourASP site, published 11 Sep, 64942 views

Part 1. A quick COM/ATL component for ASP
Using the ATL COM AppWizard it took less than 30 minutes to make this COM component - mind you, it doesn't do much�
From COM components, published 3 Aug, 64462 views

Displaying foreign keys in your database as list boxes
My original database administration tool didn't look for foreign keys, and just displayed a confusing list of primary key values. Now, it's been improved with automatically generated list boxes...
From Database-driven examples, published 23 May, 63725 views

Rotating random content
How I rotate the affiliate banners and books around the site using a few arrays and a random number.
From Dynamic content using ASP, updated 11 Sep, 59989 views

Design web pages for any width screen!
How a little client-side script can make a huge difference in how your web site is perceived by customers with varying screen resolutions.
From HTML tips and tricks, published 21 Jul, 57887 views

What's CoverYourASP all about?
Read an overview of how this site works, places to visit and what makes it unique!
From The CoverYourASP site, updated 19 Aug, 57769 views

Web sites based on CoverYourASP's code
You realize by now that you can download the entire site, right? See others that have gone before you...
From The CoverYourASP site, updated 15 Apr, 56577 views

The CoverYourASP Privacy Policy
What information I gather about you, and how it is used...
From The CoverYourASP site, published 1 Oct, 51494 views

Displaying HTML files from your ASP page
Often I need to display the contents of a file on my server. This article shows you what regular expressions to use to successfully display HTML, including automatically making any hyperlinks live...
From Dynamic content using ASP, published 15 Mar, 51448 views

Fighting email abuse
I now help the authorities in tracking down people who cause sites like mine to send spam to others by subscribing them to my newsletter...
From Email-related examples, published 9 Mar, 50758 views

Displaying your records in columns
How do you display an unknown number of records evenly in columns, especially when they are to be read down the columns, not across the rows? Come and find out!
From Dynamic content using ASP, published 21 Nov, 49611 views

Formatting data with JavaScript
The beginnings of a library of functions that I'll use to format JavaScript data. So far: Currency and Date.
From Server-side JavaScript utilities, updated 20 Oct, 49475 views

Submitting data to a form with IP*Works! WebForm
ASPRSS has a subscription service that automatically submits articles to all the ASP directories out there. See how I submit the data to their forms using the IP*Works! WebForm component
From Sharing my articles with XML, published 15 Jun, 47907 views

A little about me - James Shaw
Of course, this should soon be the most popular article on the site, eh? EH? Mum?
From The CoverYourASP site, updated 15 Sep, 47900 views

Do my visitors wait until the pages are loaded?
I did a little investigation to see if my site was too slow to keep visitors interested. See what worked, and what didnt!
From Dynamic content using ASP, published 2 Dec, 45519 views

Part 2. My should-be-hidden page to mail my newsletter!
The second part shows how I mail the subscribers to my newsletter, using just ASP and an Access database. Very easy, but effective! JMail/ASPMail now supported!
From Email-related examples, updated 19 Oct, 44600 views

Moving the articles into my database, and administering them
How links to my articles were moved into my database, how I administer them (you can play with this - a little!), and how the hits are counted - now with Create/Delete Category, Delete article..
From Database-driven examples, updated 8 Oct, 41342 views

How to move your site to a new domain
Have you ever created a website only to move all the pages to another domain? Check out the following article on how to make the transition a snap…
From HTML tips and tricks, published 18 Sep, 37620 views

Using expando properties to implement named recordsets
A mini-article to demonstrate how you can add properties to an object - in this case so we can add multiple recordsets and later reference them by name
From Server-side JavaScript utilities, published 16 Dec, 34885 views

The <a> tag - and its forgotten attributes
See how using the title and target attributes has real advantages for my readers - and for me.
From HTML tips and tricks, published 21 Sep, 30352 views

Administering the Application variables
Following earlier articles about how I cache data (such as the rotating banners) in Application variables for speed, many have asked how I refresh the cache when I've made a change. All is revealed...
From Getting started with ASP, published 11 Apr, 24556 views

Some sample statistics from my page counter
Just as a taster for what is possible, I have shown some examples of how the raw data from my page counter can be turned into useful statistics. I had no idea everyone ran in high resolution!
From Database-driven examples, published 27 Oct, 20468 views

Please help me design my new search facility - take the survey!
There are three proposals on how I will add searching to my web site - which one would you prefer?
From Help me help you - take a survey!, published 26 Jan, 19601 views

Feedback about 'Using <% %> correctly in ASP'
Some interesting comments from readers about the ASP render blocks article - emotions run wild!
From Getting started with ASP, published 6 Oct, 17766 views

An introduction to the RSS XML file on my site
See how I proposed the simple Form Submission Standard and ended up using XML and creating a brand new website that allows everyone to share their ASP articles.
From Sharing my articles with XML, updated 21 Apr, 15631 views

Support your favorite amateur ASP site (yes, I mean me)
If you ever feel that I've helped you out, and want to return the favor - now with snail-mail address...
From The CoverYourASP site, updated 27 Dec, 14973 views

Member Services
Membership services, including personalization and higher membership subscription levels
From The CoverYourASP site, published 21 Jul, 13302 views through the ages
Some history of, or as it used to be known!
From The CoverYourASP site, published 11 Sep, 11393 views

Why are there HTML articles on an ASP site?
I thought I might have to explain this one. Maybe it has something to do with the questions I get emailed�
From HTML tips and tricks, published 21 Sep, 10930 views

Part 2. What's wrong with the AppWizards code!
Where there's a Wizard, you'll usually find a reason not to use it. FrontPage anyone? The ATL COM AppWizard's not that bad, but you should still read this�
From COM components, published 10 Aug, 760 views

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