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Installing CoverYourASP

This article describes exactly how to download the source code, install it on your computer and get it running on your local "server".

This assumes that you can run ASP applications on your computer. If you can't, please follow the instructions to install either Microsofts Personal Web Server (PWS) or Internet Information Server (IIS) first.

Many developers have downloaded the site. Some just for offline reading, others for using the code. I've started assembling a portfolio of the best examples of web sites built with the code you are about to download - they are quite impressive! Take a look.

If you have one that you feel qualifies let me know!

Starting the Installation

First, download the source code. There are three downloads - the site source code, images used in articles (e.g. screenshots) and banner images.

Downloading the file means that you agree with the usual legal stuff, especially that you won't re-publish this code.

I'll describe the entire download process first (it won't take long), then you can do it.

The first dialog you'll see is shown below. As shown, make sure "Save this file to disk" is checked, then choose OK.