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"Snippets" are mini-articles - they allow me to very quickly add answers to your frequently asked questions, and add brief explanations for topics that you've searched for without success. So, everytime you send an email or perform a search, chances are a new snippet will be the result!
 Popular snippets...
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29121 views:CDONTS vs CDOSYS
28052 views:Why use JavaScript instead of VBScript?
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24734 views:How I found a job (or four)
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20794 views:XCompress - why every web site should use it.
18973 views:What does "Disallowed Parent Path" mean?
11156 views:How to use HTTP content-type
10040 views:ADO: "Selected collating sequence not supported"
9782 views:Hakan Eskici talks about open-source
9751 views:I'm looking for job opportunities in Atlanta...
9179 views:Use the latest scripting engine...
8754 views:What is this "pad=1" I keep seeing?
8349 views:Are there viruses in my downloads? Of course not!
8244 views:Your email validation doesn't work!
8206 views:Running PWS on other ports for dns2go
8028 views:Is it true that CoverYourASP runs on Access? How?
7896 views:Q&A;: How does Server.MapPath work?
7871 views:Be afraid of users entering malicious SQL...
7842 views:Using Access? Enable Connection Pooling.
7809 views:Redirecting the web crawlers
7609 views:How to run ASP on PWS when offline...
7155 views:How do I convert my HTML pages into ASP?
7071 views:Where is the CoverYourASP forum?
6994 views:Conditionally using a database field with IIF
6966 views:Q&A;: Why do I get "Save this file to disk?" when running ASP?
6835 views:Advertisement: The CodeCharge component
6786 views:Don't misunderstand Session.Abandon...
6656 views:Wondering why the diary is blank in the download?
6581 views:Using PayPal on your website
6549 views:Adjusting the date/time
6503 views:Sorting on memo fields gives "Record is deleted"!
6465 views:Advertisement: The VisualASP component pack
6428 views:Using regular expressions to remove linefeeds and HTML
6382 views:Be wary of those search engine toolbars...
6322 views:Q&A;: How do I attach an ASP page to an email?
6305 views:Syntax error in FROM clause - using the SECRET password
6284 views:How can I move some pages into sub-folders?
6250 views:Validating your ROBOTS.txt file
6213 views:What/where is this "Out( )" function?
6195 views:Q&A;: How do I debug my stat counter?
6171 views:Q&A;: How to retrieve related data from two or more tables
6120 views:Advertisement: The iisCART component
6065 views:Secure your home PC now!
5997 views:Q&A;: How do I rename a local file using ASP?
5978 views:Using ALTER TABLE to add a new field to my database
5834 views:Advertisement: The iisPROTECT component

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