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              C o v e r Y o u r A S P . c o m


Since I started using LiveStats to interpret my server logs
at the end of January (94 days ago), my site code has been
downloaded an astonishing

                     13,506 times!

That's pushing some code, isn't it?

Every week I come across more sites that are using some of
it, and that together with the email from Paradox yesterday
have spurred me on to the next stage in CYA - open-source.

Paradox was brutally honest:

"Don't take this the wrong way but, don't you think the site
is starting to stagnate?

You seem to have lost the motivation that you are famed for,
or maybe you have run out of things to do with classic ASP.

I check the site every day for new content but it's not
often that there is any.

I understand that you are working towards but you
have such a strong following in the classic area that you
could do more harm than good by neglecting your established
followers of which I am one.

Then again I'm a fine one to talk I havent updated any of
my site for ages."

True, very true. Althought the site traffic just beat the
record again this month, I haven't worked on the site for
months. I've done all I wanted to do, and it's been a lot
of fun.

We continued emailing throughout the day, and came up with
a plan that Hakan Eskici of would be
proud - to open-source the site and get all you guys and
gals more involved.

That's right: OPEN-SOURCE. That's a Linux word isn't it?

Trouble is, I have no idea what that really means, so your
input starts now!

I'm sure Hakan and many others will offer ideas, but here
are some questions that I need answering:

1) How do the updates get posted back to the site?
2) Does the actual site get updated by everyone, or just the
   published zips?
3) Who does the quality control?
4) Who stops malicious code getting into the download?

There are many more I'm sure, and I'm hoping for some
volunteers to get a discussion going on on the CYA list at

It could be exciting, and the next few weeks will certainly
be educational for me...


                   T H E   C O N T E S T


Bob Woodard of Tampa, FL won April's contest and a license
for Hexillion's HexGadgets suite[1] and my favorite book
from Sams Publishing[2]!



REMEMBER - the contest is now monthly. The current contest
will end on May 31st.

The main prize is the too-cool iisCART2000 e-commerce
component suite - worth $245.

Check it out:


This contests book is yet again the best ASP.NET book
published so far, and there are a lot!

"ASP.NET Unleashed" by Stephen Walther

Check out the reviews at


Prize details at


                    T H E   D I A R Y

               The recent events at CoverYourASP



5 Apr

- I like Steve Schofield of[1]. I met him for
the first time at Microsoft recently (where we were visiting
the .NET team) and he was one of the surprizes.

You know how you imagine what the guys are like that run
these big web sites? Well, most of them are just normal
guys! We won't go into details of how he took me back to
the hotel that night when I was so drunk I couldn't walk,
or what I may or may not have done in his car, but suffice
it to say that I made some good friends on that trip!



8 Apr

- Offering the Hexillion license again in this months
contest reminded me that I don't tell you very often what
an amazing resource their online utilities[1] are. I use
them almost every day to lookup URL's and find out who owns
them or what their IP address is. Whenever a site seems to
be down I always check the Domain Dossier to check if it's
just me, or if no-one can see the site. Very highly



9 Apr

- Local boy comes good! Well, he's not local, but Salman
Ahmed has been an avid CoverYourASP member since we were
at 60,000 page views a month (that's a long time ago!).
He's finally taken the plunge and created his own ASP.NET
web site to teach C# -[1].

Go check out the work of another CYA alumni...and no
comments about the orange...



10 Apr

- I just had to apply the latest patch[1] to my server -
sorry if you noticed the reboot...

By the way, my host EverPlanet[2] would have course have
done this for me, but they were going to wait until my
traffic died down in the evening. I did it because I didn't
want to be vulnerable for even a few hours. ;-)



12 Apr

- I really wish I had the time and energy this guy[1] has! He
spends his time suing spammers that send him junk - and he


- CafePress[1] have come up with some cool new items in my
store - this basketball hoop and some cool tile coasters are
just two examples. I can't resist getting this stuff and giving
it away at the local ASP.NET user group[2]!


19 Apr

- I'd love to know why the traffic peaked so much today.
Apparently someone linked to my AllContent page, and generated
nearly 10,000 extra page views. As I write this (at 10:15pm) I
saw over 26,000 today! If anyone wants to give me a clue,
please drop me a line.

Mystery solved! Scott McCain[1] let me know that an article of
mine went out in a WebDevPro newsletter - links from an email
don't show up as referrers, so that explains why I couldn't
track it down from the log...



23 Apr

- Many of you have received email from "me" recently -
unfortunately it's just a clever scam by the W32/Klez.h@MM  worm[1].

When someone is infected the worm sends itself out to
everyone in their address book, using one of the addresses
as the From address.

So, if you know anyone infected that has me in their
address book (and lots do) there's a chance you'll get an
email looking like I sent it. Look at the email headers
though and you'll see another From header - that's the real
culprit. ;-)



                  T O O L S   I   U S E

                     ProposalKit 5.0

                  *JUST UPDATED 4/2002*


If you are a web site designer, and you want to steer clear
of the pitfalls out there, come armed with professional
looking proposals and "close the deal", then this product is
for you.

It's guaranteed for 30 days, so that means you don't even
have to make a decision. Just download the product and start
using these tools in your web design business, and you'll be
playing in the big leagues, without the learning curve that's
normally associated with setting up a design business.

You get $800-worth of free legal documents too, including:

US, Canadian and English law web contracts
Subcontractor agreement document
Web hosting agreement document
Short form web development contract
CD-ROM/Flash development contract
28 different contracts and agreements


                 S T I L L   L O O K I N G !


I'm currently considering job offers, both full-time and
contract work, in the North Atlanta, GA area.

I'm qualified for two types of jobs: ASP/ASP.NET or
C++/Windows. I can go in either direction and am equally
suited to both. I have worked on PC applications using C/C++
for 15 years now, but I've also spent considerable time and
effort in the last 4 years using ASP and 1 year with ASP.NET.
Probably not a surprise since you're subscribed to my very
popular ASP site newsletter!

I'm looking for a Developer or Senior Developer/Team Leader
position. I currently lead a team of C++ developers, but I
work equally as well as a team member. Team leadership is
not necessary for me - I'd like to spend most of my time
developing, but wouldn't we all!

You can view my resume at[1], or contact me
to discuss any employment opportunities you feel may be



Thanks Guys! Speak to you later.

Warmest Regards,

James Shaw

[email protected]

885 Woodstock Road, Suite 430, #108
Roswell, GA 30075-2247, U.S.A.
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