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Welcome to the latest CoverYourASP newsletter!

A busy week for emails - another full inbox this morning -
but not many that reported bugs on the site. So the Diary
was a little short on content this week. Here it is anyway:

6 Dec
- Murat emailed me this morning - he found that the Show
Source icon was a bad link on the Forgotten Password page.

3 Dec
- Mark Briscoe pointed out that ResultsPage.asp has a
little error in it. The QueryString of the mailto: URL
didnt have a leading ? so didnt work as expected.


David Rahrer sent an interesting email this week. I had
never thought of this...

"I like your site and have subscribed to your newsletter,
however I wanted to point something out that will help
keep you out of the Outlook spam filters.  Your �From�
address contains �mail@�, which is filtered out by Outlook
98 and Outlook 2000 (not sure about Outlook Express) if
the user has the Junk Mail feature switched on."

Thanks David, I've now changed the email address so that
everything the site sends comes from my email address.


Justin James tried using DBDeleteRecord.asp and got the
same error that I fixed a few weeks ago. So I uploaded it

I really miss having real source code control in web
development. No-one would consider doing C/C++ programming
nowadays without good source code control, although I
must admit we feel we're struggling to find a reliable one
at my "real job" somedays...

Does anyone out there have a suggestion?


Stuart Forrest had an unusual error with the database, but
it wasn't limited to my code or database. Even when running
the MS samples he got:

Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers (0x80004005)
[Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Data source name not found
and no default driver specified

or even worse:

Microsoft JET Database Engine (0x80004005)
Unspecified error

He went through MSDN as I did and had tried everything to
no avail. Eventually he got it working, and although he
can't now reproduce the problem his thoughts are worth

"I think it had something to do with the permissions on the
winnt/temp/ folder - if that makes any sense.  I can't
recreate the problem even if I remove all the permissions
from that folder, but all I know is it is working now after
I played with the system environment variables for the TMP
and TEMP variable and adjusted the permissions on the temp
folder.  I think it was a bit of a bug, because it isn't
standard behaviour"

Just another hack to add to the list of things to try!


Kerry Garrison suggested I have a look at the MySQL database
and add support for it to the site.

It's an open source database, free to download and use on
most operating systems. Get it at

Before you rush off though, a word of warning. I had no idea
what they were talking about on most pages - this was
definately not an MS site!

If you understand words like "gnu tar", "tarball" and
"binary RPMs" you'll be fine.

Even after I downloaded a file and unzipped it, the setup.exe
didn't run. Ken Reed tried it and his worked though, so I'll
try again later...


Mark Briscoe asked about adding the year to the Diary.

I'm actually going to display only the last month of entries,
and then have a link to another page that shows older entries.

That way I think the year is unnecessary, the Diary stays a
reasonable length and there's a way to see the archived


Mark also asked about setting up the HTTP404 error handler
in PWS on Windows 98 SE. Having never run ASP with PWS, and
having no 98 machine to hand I dived into the documentation.

MSDN wasn't very useful - it shows how to do it with IIS,
but never says that PWS doesn't support it, so I kept looking.

The only reference to custom errors in PWS I could find was at where Lewis
Moten says "At the time of this scripts development, Personal
Web Server does not support custom error pages."

But there is no mention of when the script was written, so it's
still an open question.

Doesn't look good though Mark!


As far as the site is concerned I published the article about
how to detect how many visitors clicked away from my pages
before they had finished loading - and the rate went up straight
away! Before I made the page "visible" the statistics were
much better. ;=)


I uploaded another article today, which may generate some
interest. It's in the style of my previous one about render
blocks - maybe not quite as controversial.

It shows how to use JavaScript classes to structure your ASP
pages. Object Oriented Programming comes to ASP!

It's fun, check it out at


Next week, I'll continue working on the elusive manual that
comes with Silver membership! It's slow work, but it'll be
cool when it's done.

At this point I have no idea what articles I'll write, if
any, but that's what makes this fun!

James Shaw

[email protected]

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