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              C o v e r Y o u r A S P . c o m

             Welcome to the latest newsletter!


Topic of the week is of course STORS - the Shared Table of
Resources standard that I'm spending all my spare time on.

But it is related to CoverYourASP, and you'll be the first
to know when I write an article documenting the mad last 8

The evolution of a new standard is exciting stuff, and
because the open discussion list has been quiet for almost
2 days now means that we're getting close.

See what the fuss is about at


        A   W O R D   F R O M   M Y   S P O N S O R S

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Add intelligence to your ASP applications! Look up Whois
records, check email addresses, do DNS lookups, find network
problems with Ping and Traceroute, and more.


                    T H E   D I A R Y

               The events of the last week


There was no diary this week!

        A   W O R D   F R O M   M Y   S P O N S O R S


IP*Works! V4 ASP Edition includes 30 components, optimized
for Active Server Page programming.  The standard IP*Works!
components are all included, HTTP, FTP, SMTP, POP, IMAP,
REXEC etc. Also included are new, higher level components
such as WebUpload, WebForm, FileMailer, TraceRoute, and

The package includes sample ASP pages demonstrating how to
access Web Services such as Yahoo Stock Quotes and UPS
Address Verification.



           R E C O M M E N D   T H E   S I T E !

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You know of course. No new articles or code uploaded.

But don't go! There is some good feedback email coming...


         A   W O R D   F R O M   M Y   S P O N S O R S


Developersdex delivers the world's largest index for
Microsoft web technologies.  Search, post, and reply to over
20 of the most popular ASP, SQL, VB and XML Usenet newsgroups.

Devdex indexes over 5,000 new resources everyday including
those from MSDN, ASP.NET, 15seconds, 4guysfromrolla,
ASPToday, XML and just to name a few.

If it's on the NET it's on Devdex!



              H E R O   O F   T H E   W E E K !

Stuart Brown is this week's Hero - see below the first of a
series of emails he sent as he worked through the site
making the necessary changes to make it work with MySQL.

He's not done yet, but is kindly sharing his investigation
and a list of things he's had to modify.

Thanks Stuart!


               N E E D   A N   A S P   I S P ?

        Use mine. You won't find a nicer bunch of guys.

           Cheap, efficient and extremely helpful.



                     F E E D B A C K

            Have something to say? Please share!




"I'm doing development on my home machine using PWS.  When
I want to upload to another server, do I need to retype
all my asp page references, changing the name from
"http://localserver/" to whatever the new server path is?  

How can I code my pages so this is not necessary?  It seems
like a basic question, but I can't find the answer anywhere.  
Can you point me in the right direction?"


Sure can. Just use relative links on your site, i.e. just
the page name like <a href="/default.html">.

The base href will be used to make them absolute paths - all
you need to do is make sure the arrays at the bottom of
include/config.asp have an entry for the server and the dev




"I try your STATS code resides in footer.asp in conjuction
with statcounter.asp It works fine with localhost but it is
NOT working in my hosting place"


Errors in StatCounter.asp are tricky, because you don't see
them in the browser - my pages call StatCounter.asp using an
<img> tag, and therefore anything you send back that isn't
an image doesn't get rendered.

The trick is to run StatCounter.asp yourself, as a normal

(Note: on CYA I have the bStoreStats flag set to false, so
the page immediately stops, with no output - but on your
copy you can set the flag in include/config.asp)

Now, running it directly like that will always fail because
the page is expecting some parameters passed to it via the

The "normal" error is:

   "The changes you requested to the table were not
    successful because they would create duplicate values
    in the index, primary key, or relationship."

But you'll see your error. Add a Response.Write to display
the SQL before the oConnection.Execute.



"I am trying to find a download for installing a PWS for
Windows 2000.  I have not found anything.  Do you suggest
anything for me.  Any sites for the download.  I looked at but could find nothing."


You don't need to use PWS on Windows 2000 - it has the
full-strength IIS included. Go to add/remove programs,
windows components and you'll see an IIS checkbox.

While you're there, highlight IIS and click Details. You
can then check SMTP service, and you have CDONTS email!



"I am running asp through a OBDC driver to query data on
DB2 on an AS400. I finally got it to work. But some
properties on the RecordSet do not work. Like when I try to
retrive the Number of records oRecordSet.RecordCount it
return's a -1 ??"


When that happened to me i was using the wrong sort of
cursor type - they don't all support all the properties.

Try adOpenDynamic



"Quick question: I have always enjoyed your site and find
it to contain very valuable information.

What has been your success rate with the voluntary upgrade
in membership? Have you had any backlash or do you find
that the visitors are coming to realize that good content
will come at a price?

I have a site that people love and I am considering making
some value added serves that people can opt to pay for.

I am curious about the mindset of the people and if they
are willing to pay anything for better access to a site.

Any thoughts you have would be appreciated."


You're not going to like this!

Let me put it this way - 8 people out of nearly 300,000
visitors have sent donations.

1 person has upgraded their membership - but I openly say
that there's nothing there for silver membership yet.

There *was* for about a week, but I had no response at all
so I put all that content on the free part.

(Interestingly, the content that was "members only" for a
week is one of my most popular articles - installing
Personal Web Server)

The internet just isn't like that though - it's not that
my readers are poor or tight with their money. It just
doesn't work like that.

There isn't one resource that I pay for, so I'd be a
hypocrit if I complained. It just makes the rare donations
more satisfying!




"I read your article about preventing email abuse with
opt-in lists. It's a really good idea, and the implementation
seems first rate as far as it goes... but I was recently
involved in building a site with some similar features, and
would frankly suggest that to be truly spam-unfriendly you
go one step farther than your "blocked address" approach.

Yes it's fine once someone complains and you can add them to
your "blocked" list, but let's face it: a lot of people
don't complain, they just put your site on their s**t-list
and get more and more annoyed at you as time passes.

I would actually recommend a more proactive algorithm that
keeps track of all email addresses you send to, and don't
allow a message to go out to any single email address more
than - for example - once a day.

In our (admittedly jaundiced) experience there are people
out there who can be *extremely* inventive at using web
sites to annoy and harrass other people: you wouldn't
think it, but a simple convenience feature like "i forgot
my password, please email it to me" can be subverted into
a powerful denial-of-service tool.

In any case, liked the article - and your site in general -
just wanted to make a friendly suggestion."


That is an excellent suggestion. I will leave your email
in my Inbox until that gets implemented. It really isn't
hard to do either - I'll build it straight into

Of course, I'll have to allow multiple emails to be sent to
me, otherwise I might get some work done... ;-)

(I should say at this point that there are now 17 "excellent
ideas" in my Inbox. I'm trying hard to resist the temptation
to move them into a "things to do" folder because then I
really will forget about them)


Talking of excellent ideas and helpful readers, here's another.

Although I've had offers to help write support MySQL before,
Stuart just did it and sent me some instructions...perhaps not
complete, but you "open-source" guys like hacking:


"OK. Here's a brief synopsis & code snippets of what I did -
(WIN32 version for simplicity - W2K,W2KPro,ME,98,95(?), but
Linux version works, just takes a bit longer + two boxes

1) Software Required -

a) MySQL - latest version from
b) MySQLODBC (reqd for Access to MySQL) -
c) MyOLEDB - (should be MySQLProv.2.5)
d) WinMySQLAdmin -
e) Access To MySQL -

2) Process -

a) Install all above & test connectivity from Access (2000 or 97)
via AccesstoMysql (fairly straightforward to do) via tools,
addins, MyAccess (needs DSN pointing to MySQL core database -
similar(?!) to master in MSSQL)

b) Create new database in MySQL e.g. CYADB via WinMySQLAdmin

c) Upsize the DB.mdb from your site code to MySQL-CYADB Database
(including the data) - note - only Primary Keys are given an index
- need to manually add any other indexes required.

d) Create a Data Source (easiest way) called "CYA" see below

3) Site Code Changes -

a) Config.ASP -

could add new var eg sMySQL (set to "MySQLProv.2.5"). Didn't mess
too much with your code & variables - just cheated & set string
complete - leave you to mess with!

Whole connection string needs to add upto -

var sConnectionString = 'Provider=MySQLProv.2.5; Data Source=CYA;

or can use Server= , Database= depends how you want to show it.

b) Got some other errors in some functions in different scripts
(can't remember exactly which ones) - srangely just cosmetic like
a carriage return in a function - that sort of thing.

4) Obviously security needs to come into the frame here (like MS SQL)
- UID & PWD need to be a user that only has enough rights in MySQL
in this database - quite straightforward to do etc etc.

As I said before - hadn't tested all the functionality, but
fundamentally this works.

Would suggest if you consider extending this support into your
code base that you/we script the database creation etc & simplify
the process as much as poss - i.e. reduce support.

As a supporter of MySQL vs MS SQL (I use both) would be nice to see
some dedicated areas on many web sites to MySQL and ASP as its a
great product & not too complex. Gives the additional upsizing
dimension at far lower costs & not quite as mind-blowing to the
Access Database people out there as MSSQL.

From what I have seen there is very little out there except the
odd article or two.

Have fun - need anything else give us a shout."


WOW! Thanks Stuart.



"I realize you are quite busy with the new standard but I wanted
to drop you a line and praise your pageclasses.asp and the use of
them in your site.

<snip />

I first came across the need to look up the tutorial of
PageClasses.asp while trying to get some of the other tutorials
working.... They didn't because I was trying to run the javascript
as VBScript.

<snip />

I think there should be a link to the PageClasses.asp tutorial at
the begining of all articles. If there is one please excuse my

I'm following the progress with the new form submission standard.
The amount of traffic on that mailing list (ASPFSS) is amazing.

Also congrats on the results of the ASP Awards and thanks for the


I bet many of you haven't even read that article - Andrew thinks
you should (me too - I wish my whole site was done like this, but
I had written too much by this point...)


         A   W O R D   F R O M   M Y   S P O N S O R S


Download The VisualASP Component Pack v3.1 and start creating
fast, light weight web applications using ASP technology. Try
the new TabView Component plus updated TreeView, ListView and
MonthView Components. The Component Pack now contains an easy
to install (local) examples site showing demonstrations and
ASP Script source for each component.

                Download Version 3.1 Now.



            H A V E   I   H E L P E D   Y O U ?

          If I've helped you, help me help others!


         ===> now with new ways to say thanks! <===

With all the work I'm doing on STORS and next ASP.NET, I've
decided to move this newsletter to a bi-weekly format.

That way I'll be able to have enough content to keep it

Thanks Guys! Speak to you in two weeks.

Warmest Regards,

James Shaw

[email protected]

885 Woodstock Road, Suite 430, #108
Roswell, GA 30075-2247, U.S.A.


                S U B S C R I P T I O N S

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