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Welcome to the latest CoverYourASP newsletter!

For a quiet week there's a lot to talk about! Here's the
Diary first.

13 Dec
- Robert Litz found another bug - this time in the deprecated
ArticleAdmin.asp. There should have been a call to
LookForMagicWord - see Security.asp for more details on this

12 Dec
- Improved the MemberServices page - you can now
subscribe/unsubscribe from the newsletter with a OneClick!
(Sorry, Thanks for the suggestion Hakan

9 Dec
- Robert Litz pointed out that my DBAddRecord.asp page didnt
work with tables whose fields contained spaces. I now wrap
the field names in [ ].
- Modified MailToList.asp - the file I use to email my
newsletter to all the subscribers. The change to ASPMail and
the list continuing to grow has led to the script taking
longer than the default 90 second script timeout. To stop
the script timing out I added a new line:

Server.ScriptTimeout=900; // set timeout to 15 minutes


The new article entitled "Object Oriented Programming with
JavaScript Classes" was certainly popular. It generated over
2,500 page views in the first week, and an unusual response.

On it was the first article of mine to be rated
alternately as "lousy" by one person, and "excellent" the


I'm pleased to announce the 10,000th view of the download
page today. I don't track how many people have downloaded
the site, but I have to assume the vast majority have.


A new "mini-article" was uploaded last night. Following a
question from a reader in an email I wrote some code to
allow you to create named recordsets.

Nothing astounding about it - it's again demonstrating
the amazing "expando properties" of an Object (this is
Microsofts name I hasten to add).

Take it from an old C programmer, it still seems amazing to
me that you can write code like this:

   myObject [ 'my name' ] = 'james';

Read it at


Added another spider to the list in utils/Init.asp.

"FlashGet" is the name of yet another offline download
program that tried to crawl my site this week.

All my pages serve up a polite notice to spiders saying
"You can download the whole site for FREE!!!"


Following up from last weeks question about installing a
404 handler in PWS, I confirmed for myself that it can't
be done in any "documented" way.

I did found a reference in /windows/system/setup/IIS.INF,
but I don't know what effect editing that will have
(in other words, don't do it).

John Peterson (ASP 101 webmaster) was kind enough to let
me know that Lewis Moten's article that I discussed was
published around 3/31/00. He documented that PWS didn't
support it at that time.


Going off track now slightly, I visited some Flash sites
recently that I found referenced from Shawn Jackson's
excellent site,

Check out the links from his Cool Stuff page;

The and sites blew me away.

I'm a card-carrying plain HTML guy, but I want some of
this, even if I have to hide it on my home page!

Anyone want to trade some ASP work for some flash, or
offer advice on how to have a play with it? Best Book?


Hero(es) of the Week!

Maybe this OpenSource movement does work. Kerry Garrison
continues on his crusade to help me understand MySQL, and
now Pawel Fecko has offered to help out too.

I'll take you both up on it soon, but in the meantime
thanks for the offer!


Kathy asked a popular question:

"I am ready to begin using asp.  Trying to figure out
which book is best for me.  I don't have windows2000 at
this time so I don't want a book geared toward it.  Also,
everything I read says get a book for asp with javascript,
not vbscript (because vbscript is on the way out).So,
which do you recommend to a beginner based on this?

Kathy, the o/s you use makes no difference.

I like JavaScript, but it's still down to personal
preference. Saying VBS is on the way out is like saying
gas engines are on the way out. Because of the latest
DotNet releases I doubt that anyone would disagree, but
it isn't happening soon. VBS is considered easier to use
for beginners and is more commonly sought in the job

Still, like I said, I much prefer JavaScript. It's more
like a real language, like C++ and it's new cousin C#!

I show an excellent JavaScript book (the one with a Rhino
on the cover) on the

Also, if you write in JavaScript, my code and I can help!

To learn ASP for the first time, go for Sams "Teach
Yourself Active Server Pages in 21 days", also available
at the same page.


More and more sites list my content. I added three more
this week to my banners -, and

Talks have started about allowing advertisers on the site,
but they will take the place of the blocks that rotate
around the right side of my pages. I just can't see the
468x60's ever fitting into my design.

Thanks to Gavin at Hexillion for some advice about what
component companies look for when advertising on the web -
it's a whole new world!


That's it! I've made a lot of new friends this week, and
doubled the membership list. And it's nearly Christmas!

Now, back to work on the manual...

James Shaw

[email protected]

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