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              C o v e r Y o u r A S P . c o m


Christmas is over and I'm feeling fat[ter] but it's good to
be back at work. Kind of. Me and my little sideline web
development company[1] made a lot of money over the holidays
so I may even have made a profit from Christmas!

Mind you, it didn't last long. Office furniture, Quickbooks
Pro, the ProposalKit[2] that I mentioned last time and all
the sundry bits and pieces soon ate up a chunk of it.

For all of you that are planning to go the same route I'm
going to be writing a list of must-see URL's, products and
things-to-do as you build your website and company. There's
quite a lot to share!



                   T H E   C O N T E S T


Blake Carr frm Memphis was the lucky winner who won the
prizes last night.

The main prize is a complete set of components from
VisualASP, who were kind enough to again donate their
component suite to the lucky winner.

I couldn't resist putting my current favorite ASP book in
the contest again: "ASP.NET Unleashed" by Stephen Walther.

Prize details at


                    T H E   D I A R Y

               The recent events at CoverYourASP


27 Dec

- I'm having serious problems with my mail server last night
and this morning. I can receive emails, but cannot send
them. The same problem happens on the site too, so if you've
asked the site to send you email (by asking for your
password or recommending the site to someone) then it may
not have got through. My host is working on it but it's
apparently a little bizarre! Thanks for being patient.


29 Dec

- I'm driving to Kentucky for a few days (a state I've never
been to, so it'll be interesting). So, you'll just get an
"out-of-office" reply if you contact me. I'll reply when
I get back next week.

If any of you CYA-veterans would like to help out by
answering any questions on the CYA list[1], I'd appreciate



2 Jan

- Back to work <sigh />. Actually, I'm looking forward to
it since there are some hot new things planned for this
year. .NET is nearly upon us, work is coming in thick and
fast and it's all still great fun! I stepped back and made
a list the other day and there are now five major new
sites that I want to work on in the coming months, so
it'll be a busy time.

I'd like to wish you all a happy and prosperous 2002!


4 Jan

- Edwin Lopez helped out a lot this morning by pointing out
that you don't get the extra 5 contest points[1] each time
you visit the site. I "fixed" a bug a few weeks ago and
failed to spot that side-effect. It's fixed now.

Thanks Edwin



6 Jan

- Here's a link that James Harris forwarded me from his
website. It's a neat page that you can download and install
on your server that allows you to see which of the 170+
common components are installed. Like James says "Since
many hosts never tell you when they install things for
other customers, you can sometimes take advantage of what
you find from this.".


7 Jan

- Another contest finished last night and a new one started.
The winner was Blake Carr from Memphis who won over
$600-worth of prizes! The new contest features the same
book again (I love the ASP.NET Unleashed book) and the ever
popular VisualASP components. Good luck!


                  T O O L S   I   U S E

                     ProposalKit 5.0


If you are a web site designer, and you want to steer clear
of the pitfalls out there, come armed with professional
looking proposals and "close the deal", then this product is
for you.

It's guaranteed for 30 days, so that means you don't even
have to make a decision. Just download the product and start
using these tools in your web design business, and you'll be
playing in the big leagues, without the learning curve that's
normally associated with setting up a design business.

You get $800-worth of free legal documents too, including:

US, Canadian and English law web contracts
Subcontractor agreement document
Web hosting agreement document
Short form web development contract
CD-ROM/Flash development contract
28 different contracts and agreements


           L A T E S T   D E V E L O P M E N T S


Two new snippets were added:

25 Dec: Is it true that CoverYourASP runs on Access? How?

7 Jan: Can I run ASP on XP Home Edition?


By the way, many have asked how my advertisers feel about me
offering better chances of winning my contest for each page
viewed. The implication is that the clickthrough rate must
have declined.

It's not a problem - the contest generates very few extra
page views in the scheme of things. Think that in the last
two weeks only 204 members racked up any page views for the
contest - in the context of 350,000 page views a month it's
barely noticeable.

I still feel it's worth it though, just to give regular
readers a small thank-you for coming back.

Thanks Guys! Speak to you later.

Warmest Regards,

James Shaw

[email protected]

885 Woodstock Road, Suite 430, #108
Roswell, GA 30075-2247, U.S.A.
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