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              C o v e r Y o u r A S P . c o m

             Welcome to the latest newsletter!


Small incremental improvements this week (the best kind).

I just love the grey border to the site, and the new size,
and especially that advertisers have a new spot to advertise
in! Do americans say "advertizer" with a z?

It just doesn't look right to me I'm afraid, and I've
already called my page Advertising.asp, so I'm stuck with it!

Of course the bad news was that I lost the lead in the ASP
Guild contest, but don't feel bad - I knew it would happen

Maybe my "secret weapon" will make the site popular enough
to get the lead back before it's all over? hehehehe.


        A   W O R D   F R O M   M Y   S P O N S O R S


Powerful Code Generation tool for Professionals and Beginners
- develop database-driven web applications in matters of
hours. Developing anything from Grids & Forms to Portals and
Intranet just became easier. CodeCharge generates ASP, JSP,
PHP, Perl, CFML and comes with examples of Online Store, Bug
Tracking System, Task Management System, etc.



                    T H E   D I A R Y

               The events of the last week



17 Feb

- Please welcome a new sponsor: /n software.

IP*Works! V4 ASP Edition includes 30 components, optimized
for Active Server Page programming.  The standard IP*Works!
components are all included, HTTP, FTP, SMTP, POP, IMAP,
REXEC etc. Also included are new, higher level components
such as WebUpload, WebForm, FileMailer, TraceRoute, and

The package includes sample ASP pages demonstrating how to
access Web Services such as Yahoo Stock Quotes and UPS
Address Verification.


19 Feb

- The site membership just had a quick burst and sped past
1,000 - there are now more members than newsletter
subscribers! Wanna join in?

- I just reserved the second space down in the right column
for advertisers who prefer 125x125 or 130x110 sized banners.
Thanks to Shawn Jackson of who was the
first to take the space!


21 Feb

- I came across a cool idea offered by today, and
I couldn't resist adding it! I added this new rotating banner
so you can quickly and easily help support my site...

send a $1!

- An article about accepting credit cards is on it's way -
VisualASP just bought another advertising slot with my hidden
form. It worked! This is "grown-up" stuff...


22 Feb

- Thanks to Al Margheim for pointing out that my site
didn't allow its text to be resized by the browser. I had
used the CSS "font-size: 11px" which always remained fixed.
Now I have changed it in utils/Init.asp to "font-size: 70%"
and you can now resize using View/Text Size...


23 Feb

- I added a new feature to my ShowAd() function in
utils/Banner.asp. This normally gets called to display the
next available banner, but I've now added the ability to
send in the name of a banner to display. This means that on
certain pages I can always show a relevant banner.

A good example is my new credit card article where you will
always see a banner for - my merchant account

- A sad day today! I finally relinquished my lead in the
ASP Guild's Top Site race. Just goes to show - size does


        A   W O R D   F R O M   M Y   S P O N S O R S


IP*Works! V4 ASP Edition includes 30 components, optimized
for Active Server Page programming.  The standard IP*Works!
components are all included, HTTP, FTP, SMTP, POP, IMAP,
REXEC etc. Also included are new, higher level components
such as WebUpload, WebForm, FileMailer, TraceRoute, and

The package includes sample ASP pages demonstrating how to
access Web Services such as Yahoo Stock Quotes and UPS
Address Verification.



           R E C O M M E N D   T H E   S I T E !

        Please recommend my site to your colleagues


One new article this week:

"Accepting credit cards on your site - it's too easy!"

The hardest part is filling out the forms, but once you've
done that the "programming" part is child's play.


         A   W O R D   F R O M   M Y   S P O N S O R S


Download The VisualASP Component Pack v3.1 and start
creating fast, lightweight web applications using ASP
technology. Try the new TabView Component plus updated
TreeView, ListView and MonthView Components. The Component
Pack now contains an easy to install (local) examples site
showing demonstrations and ASP Script source for each

                  Download Version 3.1 Now.


              H E R O   O F   T H E   W E E K !

William Murray takes the honors this week.

He has links to my site from and - the latter link is now #3 on my
list of best referrers!

Amazing for a site that has only been live since the
beginning of this month - that's right - the site went live
less than 4 weeks ago!

Thanks for the support William. Let's have a race to see who
can reach 1,000,000 page views a month first...


               N E E D   A N   A S P   I S P ?

        Use mine. You won't find a nicer bunch of guys.

           Cheap, efficient and extremely helpful.


Found an interesting fact from the server logs last night -
the site source code has been downloaded nearly 7,000 times
in the last month.

That seems like a lot of downloads to me. Now if everyone
that downloaded sent me a dollar with that new amazon


         A   W O R D   F R O M   M Y   S P O N S O R S


Developersdex delivers the world's largest index for
Microsoft web technologies.  Search, post, and reply to over
20 of the most popular ASP, SQL, VB and XML Usenet newsgroups.

Devdex indexes over 5,000 new resources everyday including
those from MSDN, ASP.NET, 15seconds, 4guysfromrolla,
ASPToday, XML and just to name a few.

If it's on the NET it's on Devdex!



                     F E E D B A C K

            Have something to say? Please share!



Jonathan Lahijani:

In your memberedit.asp file, I was wondering how you were
about to use the response.redirect object even though you
have already written content to the browser using the
Header function.  When I try to do something similar, I
get the error:

  "The HTTP headers are already written to the client
  browser. Any HTTP header modifications must be made
  before writing page content."


Use Response.Buffer = true;

That way you get much faster code, and the ability to
redirect because nothing has really been sent yet, just
put in the buffer.

You can also call Response.Clear to empty the buffer,
Response.Flush to flush the buffer (send it out), or
Response.End to stop processing the script entirely.


Bruce Hakala:

I'm currently learning ASP coding and tryign to figure
out a way to not only add an delete entires into an
access db. That part your examples helped me with here's the question: Is there a way to import
the db that it creates into a program like Outlook to
simplify my newsletter process?

How do you do it, once people subscribe to you?


Forget outlook - that's client-side. You can send email
easily from an asp page -

For the newsletter I just put everyone on the bcc and send
a single email. Works like a charm!



Is this silver and gold membership for real and operational?
Your site rocks.


Yes and no! It works - you can be a silver or gold member.
The problem is that I've never got around to giving them any
more content.

I tried once but got such a bad response that I moved all
that content into the free areas!



I work in the University computer and there is a firewall
installed. So I can't install PWS, neither IIS. Could you
advise me how to run my ASP scripts then?



Hugs? Never been sent a hug in an ASP question before!

A firewall doesn't stop you running PWS or IIS. They both
allow you to run your scripts locally, so you don't even
need a network or internet connection. Hence the firewall
is irrelevant.

But to answer your question though, you cannot run ASP
without one of these products.


Matt V:

I am posting news stories on an ASP page. What I want to
do is list only a few lines of the actual story and then
have some dots then a "read more" link at the end of the
story... Is there any way to limit the amount of text
WITHOUT cutting off words in mid stream?

I looked at your code, and I am totally confused. Can you
give any help or other resources to consult?


My code is exactly what you need. I'll explain it in

var sSeparator = '';// empty separator first time through
var nLen = 0;

for (;;)
     var sWord = 'something';

     nLen += sSeperator.length;
     nLen += sWord.length;

     if ( nLen > 50 ) // or whatever length is the maximum

     // ok to output word
     Out ( sSep + sWord );

     // change separator to comma
     sSep = ',';

// output some dots
Out ( '...' );


Andrew Latham:

I am setting up an apache server on linux. there is a
new asp module and I wondered if you have used it. I am
learning php but tons of really cool custom code are in asp.


I've used ChiliASP on Apache, but it sounds like this is
something different. ChiliASP worked almost exactly the
same. I had to change maybe 10 lines of code.

Their implementation of CDONTS and ADO is nearly perfect.


Colin Creed:

Fantastic site - only discovered it a couple of days ago.

I was having the problem described in your page CDO1.ASP
(Permission Denied when sending a CDONTS email)
and found that in my case the correct permissions had been
granted to the Anonymous Internet User.

Today I resolved the problem thanks to an article I found
in the DevGuru KnowledgeBase.

I thought might like to add the information to your own
article. The content follows.

A100199: When Sending Email Through ASP You Get a
"Permission Denied" Error.

If you receive a "Permission Denied" error when sending
email from an ASP page using the CDONTS object, this is
probably because the Web application is being run in its
own process space.

When an application is run in its own process space it
does not have access to the IIS metabase, and this prevents
the sending of email. To correct this problem, either run
the application in-process, or add the IWAM_servername
account to the list of operators for the default SMTP
service in IIS.

Again, congratulations on a great site.


Thanks Colin. I think I'll need to investigate it myself
before posting that on my site - I don't think everyone
would know from that explanation how to even check if their
application was running in-process!


Al Margheim:

Thanks for changing the way your site sets the font size.
It's much easier on my eyes.

I really appreciate the way you took care of this so
quickly.  By contrast, the DEVX site, which has the same
problem, didn't bother to respond when I sent them an email
about it...even though I pay to access their Premier content.


Thanks again for pointing it out - one example of old code
that never got revisited!



I have been visiting your site often and found lot of
valuable content. I was looking around for a way of porting
all my html pages dynamically due to the ease of maintaining
the site.

Is there any way using asp where my pages could be generated
dynamically and displayed on the screen and i could
administer the pages by some admin form?


Have you considered opening the html file with
FileSystemObject and streaming it out, like I do with my

I have used the same technique very successfully to
display different content on a site.

clicking on your nav bar could just recall the same page
with a different query string that contains the name of
the file to open and display in the middle.


        A   W O R D   F R O M   M Y   S P O N S O R S

Get FREE sample code, online utilities, and articles at

Add intelligence to your ASP applications! Look up Whois
records, check email addresses, do DNS lookups, find network
problems with Ping and Traceroute, and more.


            H A V E   I   H E L P E D   Y O U ?

          If I've helped you, help me help others!


Spring is here, if not officially at least in spirit. I'm
off to my eldest daughter's school carnival this morning,
and to look at new houses this afternoon, so I'd better get

I'm going to start work on that "other" ASP site soon - - that .NET framework CD is burning a hole
in my pocket - and we've got a complete re-design of the
site coming next month (are you listening JT?!!) - and of
course the "secret weapon" I talk about.

But for now, it's breakfast time.

Thanks Guys! Speak to you next week.

Warmest Regards,

James Shaw

[email protected]

885 Woodstock Road, Suite 430, #108
Roswell, GA 30075-2247, U.S.A.


   V O T E   F O R   Y O U R   F A V O R I T E   S I T E

         (or don't, if it's not

                S U B S C R I P T I O N S

          Do you want to subscribe or unsubscribe?


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