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Welcome to the latest CoverYourASP newsletter!

Thanks to everyone who took my survey this week - over a
thousand of you took the time and I appreciate it. Luckily
for me only 8 of you think I suck big time, and they won't
subscribe to the newsletter so I can probably say whatever
I like about them!

As promised I added a simple graphical bar chart to the
survey results so it's easier to compare the answers given.


The biggest change this week was the addition of a group
of pages that form a generic database administration tool.
Starting with DBAdmin.asp you can use this tool to view,
add, edit and delete all the data in your database.

Inspired by an article I read on ASPWire by Hakan Eskici
([email protected]) it took a relatively long time
to get right. I now know more about how recordsets work
(and when they don't)!


Oh, before I forget. Does anyone recognise "olga/portal"?
That's the name of the server that one of you downloaded
the site to, hooked up the 404 handler and then spent
days browsing the site with missing images.

The result? The local site sent me over 500 emails telling
me that there were files missing from the images folder!

So "olga", please change the email address in the
Handle404.asp file. :-)

Referrer: "http://olga/portal/".
Browser: "Mozilla/4.0 (compatible;MSIE 5.0;MSNIA;Windows98;DigExt)"
IP address: "".


Some quick Q&A:

Ben asked: Is there any way to format the messages you
send using tabs and and returns?

Answer: use \t for tab, \r\n for cr+lf

Steve asked: You showed us how to name a browser window
and to link to that named window. I would like to open
it in one of those windows that is not re-sizeable, it
has no menu selections, etc.

Answer: You need client-side javascript for that. I'll
leave it up to you to decide if this is a good idea or
not - people can and do disable client-side script!

Read here:

Erdem asked: We need code like contact.asp to get our
users mail adressess. What [do] we need for our servers.

Answer: My code supports CDONTS (the SMTP service on
Windows NT), JMail and ASPMail. The Chilisoft mail
service is fully compatible with CDONTS if you're
running ChiliASP.


Plans this week? I'm working on replacing my SiteMeter
account with a home-brewed page counter, and my
things-to-do folder is getting fuller by the minute!

James Shaw

[email protected]

Recommend my site to your colleagues, go to
If I've helped you, help me keep going!
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